For over 90 years, NAPA has been your partner in the automotive parts business. Now, that same trust can be used to keep your employees safe and your business compliant. Our objective is to help prevent injuries and avoid hazards around the home, shop and workplace, while protecting your most valuable resource.

NAPA Safety offers more than 400 personal protection equipment (PPE) products for hand, eye, hearing, respiratory, body, safety containment and first-aid kits. Whether you are a shop owner, safety supervisor or do-it-yourselfer, NAPA Safety has developed a complete line of PPE that will keep you safe and compliant with federal regulations.

NAPA Safety utilizes ISO processes to ensure that you consistently get quality products and services. We also supply NIOSH-certified respiratory equipment and ANSI Z871.1 certified eye protection. These products are tested to verify that they meet high-performance standards.